“Patricia Leigh”


Located in Cambridge, MD about 60 miles east of Annapolis, MD


DARK BLUE colored fiberglass hull with BEIGE colored fiberglass deck. Teak woodwork with Cetol finish, varnished Douglas fir spars, bronze hardware.   Linen (crème) colored Dacron sprit sail.   Includes oars, mooring cover, gold pinstripe and a name on the sheer line, teak flagstaff and ensign. protective leathers for spars, oarlocks. Load Rite trailer with new wheels, tie down strap and coupler.


This boat is in very nice condition.


Owner’s comments:

As I write this, I’m very emotional about this, really don’t want to sell but she’s just been ‘sitting’ for the last several years I had thought we might end up with a house on a major waterway, but I don’t think that’s unlikely to happen now so “Patricia Leigh” really should go where she’ll be sailed.


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Like New 2013 Melonseed Skiff “Skylark”


Dark blue hull, ivory deck, tanbark sail

Centerboard model Located in coastal southeastern MA


Here are the owner’s comments:

“Skylark” is as close to a brand new Melonseed as you will ever see but priced nicely below her full retail value when new. Old ski injuries and 30 years of sea kayaking have taken their toll on my shoulders, so it is time to pass Skylark along to another. After sailing on Roger’s Melonseed the was no other name for me but “Skylark”; an old Jazz standard by Ella Fitzgerald and by Wynton Marsalis. She moves seamlessly through the water with a grace that is impossible to capture.


Her total on the water time is less than 4 hours, most of that in fresh water. She has not been in the water the for past six years, lovingly cared for, covered and stored in a heated garage for the vast majority of that time, inclusive of every winter.

Optional equipment included the mooring cover, name and pinstripe, oars, Cetol finish on the woodwork, a US ensign and flagstaff on the rudder head, the anchor package and cushions.


The accompanying Loadrite trailer was purchased new with the boat in 2013 and has the upgrade larger 12” wheels & a spare tire, custom fitted for Melonseed. The trailer hubs were repacked with synthetic Amsoil marine lubricant and Bearing Buddies. There are less than 150 miles on trailer, and it is in pristine condition.

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“Sunshine Daydream”


Dark blue hull, beige deck, linen sail.

Located on Long Island, NY about 30 miles east of NYC.

DARK BLUE colored fiberglass hull with BEIGE colored fiberglass deck. Teak woodwork with varnished finish, varnished Douglas fir spars, bronze hardware. Linen (crème) colored Dacron sprit sail. Incudes oars, seat cushions, mooring cover, gold pinstripe on the sheer line, new rigging, teak flagstaff and ensign. New Load Rite trailer! Protective graphite and epoxy coating on the bottom of the hull below the waterline.


“Sunshine Daydream” was completely reconditioned in the fall of 2018 and brought back to a beautiful like new condition. She is a great example of how well Melonseed Skiffs can be reconditioned by the builder, and their value and appearance enhanced considerably.


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2002 Melonseed Skiff # 271 “Lil turtle”


Hull # RDBMS 271B202

Dark green hull, beige deck, tanbark sail

Located in Rehoboth Beach, DE

Overall Good Condition. Comes with Sail, Oars, and teak oil to update trim. Includes a Load Rite Trailer.


Owner’s comments:

This has been a Great Friend for many years and I had the chance to participate in a few Regatta’s as well. The Boat has a little wear on her from use and needs some teak oil, but overall is in Good Condition. The original model that will go with it too.


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2014 Melonseed # 490


Located in Michigan, 9 miles north of Toledo, OH

Dark Blue hull , Beige Deck, Linen Sail

Included: Mooring Cover, Canvas Travel Cover, Cloth bag for spars and sail, Lifting Bridle, 71/2′ oars, 6′ Kayak Paddle, Boom and Sprit on clam cleats, operated from cockpit, Tiller Tender, Oarlock mooring Cleat. 2014 Load Rite Galvanized Trailer W/ 12” wheels, spare tire.



“I bought this boat when I was 80, as an easy boat to sail and enjoy in my old age.  I am now 85 and sailed only once last year, now I am no longer sailing, I hope this boat goes to someone who will enjoy her and use her as carefully as I have. Never been in salt water and only sailed in local lakes. The oars have not been used, I use the kayak paddle when docking.”


*Iphigenia was Agamemnon’s daughter sacrificed for wind when his boat was becalmed on the way to the Trojan Wars. This is my shortest boat named after Iphigenia, and so Iphi for short.”

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