Black hull, beige Ivory deck, linen sail.

Located in Annapolis, MD

Hull # RDBMS197D707


“The Wren made her home along Chesapeake Bay and sailed in and around Annapolis and Kent Island. on the Severn River in Annapolis and frequently sailing past the U.S. Naval Academy and observing the activities of the Midshipmen. The Wren was aptly named as she was the companion on many bird-watching excursions sighting blue herons, bald eagles and ducks of all descriptions.”


“I believe that the boat is in very good shape. All original, as best as I can tell. In one spot, the teak combing was used to attach a compass(?) which was removed at some point before I purchased it. There are some small screw holes as the evidence. No other signs of any damage or attachments. The hull is very good. No deep scratches or damage/repairs. It was been carefully maintained, cleaned, teak oiled, waxed, polished etc. The following is included with the boat: Gold pinstripe and the name “Wren” on the topsides, mooring cover, set of oars, small anchor, assorted cushions, canoe paddle and trailer. In late 2017, I replaced the trailer with a new Load Rite which has received minimal use, perhaps 3 times total in 2018 and 2019. Local streets only.”


“I have enjoyed sailing “Wren” very much, unfortunately, hip replacement surgery has limited my enjoyment in recent years so it’s time for someone else to take her over and enjoy her as much as I have.”

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“Patricia Leigh”


Located in Cambridge, MD about 60 miles east of Annapolis, MD


DARK BLUE colored fiberglass hull with BEIGE colored fiberglass deck. Teak woodwork with Cetol finish, varnished Douglas fir spars, bronze hardware.   Linen (crème) colored Dacron sprit sail.   Includes oars, mooring cover, gold pinstripe and a name on the sheer line, teak flagstaff and ensign. protective leathers for spars, oarlocks. Load Rite trailer with new wheels, tie down strap and coupler.


This boat is in very nice condition.


Owner’s comments:

As I write this, I’m very emotional about this, really don’t want to sell but she’s just been ‘sitting’ for the last several years I had thought we might end up with a house on a major waterway, but I don’t think that’s unlikely to happen now so “Patricia Leigh” really should go where she’ll be sailed.


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Enhanced Wooden Melonseed


Located in Greenport, NY

LOA 13’ 8” L x 4’ 10” B. Depth at midship 12”. Built by Fred Plouffe, modifying classic Smithsonian design. Mahogany and teak construction, with mainsail and jib (attaches to bowsprit that swivels on the fore deck). Fiberglass coated hull. Comes with Bandit trailer, sails, both Sunbrella and hard covers, a tent that mounts over the cockpit; hand-carved spars, rails, oars, oarlocks and rowing seat/storage box that slides under the foredeck to leave an open cockpit, 6’ 9” x 2’ 10,” with twin bilge or baffle boards shock cord loaded under opposite decks. Will include compass that mounts at the foredeck.


Comes with Bandit trailer (including spare wheel and tire, plus oil injection tool; straps to secure boat, sails and spars to the trailer.

Always dry sailed, stored in a garage, and washed with clear water after every outing, the boat is in great condition, with gorgeous bright work. Hull and deck are clean and sound; might want fresh paint.

Because it has always been dry sailed, this boat has never needed to be registered. It does not have a number on the transom.


The trailer has not been used for a couple of years. It has always worked fine. I no longer have a vehicle with a trailer hitch to check the wiring. I do have a new copy of title for the trailer that needs only signatures to transfer ownership. Because the wheels on the trailer are half the size of auto wheels, speed on the road should not exceed 50mph. When I purchased boat with trailer, it traveled without incident from Pittsfield, MA to the eastern end of LI, and it carried the boat perfectly.


I purchased the boat directly from Fred who, forced to sell after two hip replacements, urged me to enjoy it fully and treat it as carefully as he had. Over years of sailing from Halleck’s Bay on the North Fork of LI, every single outing included a moment when another sailor asked, what is that beautiful boat? It’s been a joy waking to observe tide and wind, entering the bay, passing through the gut with the prevailing NE current and gliding swiftly along the shores of Shelter Island. It takes agility to handle sails and bilge boards. Now it’s my time to pass this boat in trust to another caring day sailor.

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Like New 2013 Melonseed Skiff # 478



“Skylark” is as close to a brand new Melonseed as you will ever see, but priced nicely below her full retail value when new. Her total on the water time is less than 4 ½ hours, most of that in fresh water.  She has not been in the water the for past three years, lovingly cared for, covered and stored in a heated garage.

Optional equipment included the mooring cover, name and pinstripe, oars, Cetol finish on the woodwork, a US ensign and flagstaff on the rudder head, the anchor package and cushions.


The accompanying Loadrite trailer was purchased new with the boat in 2013 and has the upgrade larger 12” wheels & a spare tire, custom fitted for Melonseed. The trailer hubs were repacked with synthetic Amsoil marine lubricant and Bearing Buddies.  There are less than 200 miles on trailer and it is in pristine condition.


Owner’s Comments: “After sailing on Roger’s Melonseed the was no other name for me but “Skylark”; an old Jazz standard by Ella Fitzgerald and Wynton Marsalis. She moves seamlessly through the water with a grace that is impossible to capture. I only wish I had more time at the tiller.  However, arthritis, old ski injuries and years of sea kayaking have sadly caught up with both shoulders so it’s time so see the beautiful “Skylark” move on to another owner who can fully appreciate her beauty, fantastic sailing qualities and enjoy the Melonseed Experience.”


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Located in Plymouth, MA


This is a nice, light  and well built little rowing and sailing craft that that can be bought for a VERY reasonable price.


It has a rowing seat and oarlock fiberglass attachment (made by Old Town I believe), but don’t know who built the boat or when. About 14′ long.  Has mast and sail but no dagger boards or rudder.  Nice to row though, and in good condition.


All inquiries should be made to Doug Gray at 508.789.5644

Wooden Melonseed

Professionally built, and an absolutely gorgeous piece of wooden boat workmanship! Only sailed a few times, and in superb condition. This beautiful boat was designed by notable boat builder, designer, waterman, historian of many things nautical and all-around good guy, Roger Allen.

Located in the Buffalo NY area.

She is 15ft, 5/16” in length by 4ft, 8 5/8” beam. It is a centerboard model. 100 sq. ft. gaff rigged sail.  A new Sunbrella cover for the boat will be made this Spring, and a buyer may choose the style they would prefer. That would be either a traveling cover, or one that would work with the mast, boom, gaff and sailed in place.

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS: The boat is built with BS 1088 Meranti plywood, 3/8” garboards and broadstrakes, with the remaining planking being ¼” of the same material. The outer keel, rubrails, cutwater, inner stem are oak. The keelbatten, plank keel, stern and hanging knees, rudder cheeks, structural floors, side, fore and aft deck beams are Douglas fir. The deck carlines, case logs, fore and aft king planks, case posts, sheer clamp, stringers, frames and assorted reinforcements are Southern yellow pine. The rudder blade, centerboard, centerboard case sides, hatch lid, decking are BS 1088 plywood. Floorboards are Western Red Cedar. The transom is mahogany. The boat is of glued lapstrake construction and the glue is thickened epoxy.  The galvanized Yacht Club trailer would most definitely be able to undertake a 1500 mile or more journey.

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Adirondak Guide Boat

This model, the 12-foot Vermont Packboat is Kevlar composite construction with a unique hull shape creating a light, agile, fast, safe, sea-worthy boat that is above all easy to row. This is a nice stable, simple and highly efficient rowing craft that due to its size and weight anyone can handle.  It can easily be loaded on to a vehicle roof for transport or carried by hand from cottage to beach with ease.  The boat would accommodate two adults. This might be the perfect rowing boat for a cottage on a lake or pond.

A “friend of a friend” asked us to refinish the boat so they could offer it for sale in the best condition possible.  We refinished the beautiful cedar woodwork with an oil finish, cleaned the hull and interior, compounded, buffed and waxed the hull to a new gloss and rebuilt he graphite protection strip on the centerline of the bottom of the hull.  The boat comes with a very beautiful pair of special oars in maple that we also restored and varnished.

The retail value of this boat (new) with oars is currently $3200 and it is available for $1,900, which is a very good price for this sweet little boat.

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